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Wednesday 21st June Special Event

Barry Bowden – National Speaker

1.00pm: Future Destiny of Humanity

Humanity’s consciousness is at present an unfinished work. We look at what the future cycles will unfold in our consciousness, but in order to understand the future, the distant past is studied. This is a fascinating journey through to our future awareness. It has been said that before the end of this cycle, we shall have seven physical senses.

3:00 – 4:00pm: Open Circle Meditation

 4:15pm:  Screening of documentary – ‘What Happens When We Die?’

Is there anyone who has never pondered this matter, often regarded as a taboo? Theosophy UK has tackled this universal question by making a documentary which explores the beliefs of various religions regarding the afterlife.

Join us to view this most interesting presentation, and partake in the ensuing discussion.

6:00pm – Is there a Path between Pain and Pleasure? It is called Peace

We explore whether there is a path between these two states. Pain is like an unwelcome visitor that comes into our lives when it pleases; however always bringing truth eventually. Pleasure seems to be fleeting. Is there something that lasts forever which can take their place?

Yes. It’s called Peace!







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